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Ergonomic Consultations

Don’t be that person who can’t stand up straight

Increase Productivity
Decrease Daily Aches
Prevent Typical “Desk Jockey” Injuries
Start Enjoying Your Workday

Feel like your desk area at work is hurting you? Headaches at the end of the day? Upper back discomfort nagging you all day long? Let us help you with that! Our certified ergonomic specialist will come to you, evaluate your worksite and help you make it better! Or maybe you’re a full time gardener or hobbyist. If you feel one of your activities could be done in a more body-mechanic-friendly manner we can evaluate that too! There’s a lot more to body positioning and ideal environment than you would think (that’s why there are whole sciences based around it).

Forty hours a week is a LONG time to spend in one position doing the same tasks at work. Thats 2,080 hours a year! Your body can only fight the aches and pains from siting in one position for so long before it gives in. Not only will we evaluate your workspace and give you advice on how to improve it but we will provide you with plenty of preventative information as well. Bring us in to help and you’ll see why we are the best!