Functional Movement System Screen 

Most efficient injury prevention you could ask for

Our staff is certified in Functional Movement Screens as a fast tool for you use. We will ask you to perform a series of 7 simple movements and score these movements based on ability and movement. This is a quick 30 minute screen designed to very quickly identify asymmetries in movement as well as weak points that otherwise go unnoticed. Your score indicates how likely you are to be injured in sports/exercise. Based on your score we will then educated you on exercises and progressions meant to address your weak spots and prevent future injuries from occurring. 

Even if you feel your are in peak shape, don’t be fooled. With our FMS Screen we are able to make any athlete better, faster, stronger. This screen is used by high level athletes all over the country to keep them in the game and off of the sidelines. Checkout the Functional Movement System website for more info. Come see us at Foundation Human Performance Institute and begin to “Build a better you”!

If you are an athlete that is looking to gain a competitive edge or looking to remain/get back to being injury free then this screen is what you’re looking for.

What can an FMS Screen do for you?

  • Identify Asymmetries

  • Identify Movement Dysfunctions

  • Identify Weaknesses

  • Emphasize Mobility

  • Perform Better, Faster

Why should you care about your FMS Score?

Athletes who score below a 14 are…

74% more likely to suffer re-injury
15x more likely to sustain a “minor” injury
12x more likely to sustain a serious injury with bench time of at least 3 weeks