Private Training

We are the movement experts! We will assess your goals and figure out what you need to get there then we will put you through a personalized program revolving around you. We do one-on-one private training or semi-private training if you’d rather have one of your friends nearby for morale. Skip the big box personal trainers and train with our experts!

Group Classes

These are not your average classes. You get the benefit of training with a group but your exercises are individual. We tailor your exercises to your body’s needs. This isn’t like in workout videos where you do level 1 or 2 of the exercise, this is more. Take a completely personalized and unique class!

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Wellness Services

Just need a tune-up or a redirect to keep your training going? We can do that for you. Get the benefit of using our experts then take their knowledge and apply it on your own. Want to keep at it? You can do that too. Think of this as the perfect maintenance system to meet whatever your individual needs may be.

Nutritional Consult

The Foundation nutrition approach is like no other. People start other plans and return to old habits. Not with our program. We are where the vicious dieting cycle stops. Based on years of research we have a habit based approach to change how you think about food. This is the last “diet” you will ever need.

TruBody Biometrix

Stop guessing. Start knowing. Through TruBody testing we can give you your stats. A quick scan will measure your body fat, muscle mass, hydration, basal metabolic rate, calorie expenditure and more. This is not your average test. We’ve made a deal for special pricing just for our clients!

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen is a 7 part screen to identify asymmetries and imbalances that often result in injury. The results of this screen dictate a personalized corrective strategy to get you rolling!

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Gait Analysis

We film you (in super slow motion) running then we chop up the video to reveal everywhere you are leaking performance energy. We identify the problems and teach you how to fix them. Run faster. Run stronger.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a gem in the recovery world.We use hair-like needles to tap into your sore and tight muscles to help them recover faster and get you back to training sooner. We stimulate your self-healing potential to maximize your recovery time.

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Blood Flow Restriction

This is the fastest way to put on muscle. You gain strength without having to load your ligaments/tendons/joints excessively. Gain muscle without the damaging effects of throwing around heavy weights.

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Imagine running/walking/squatting on clouds. No pounding. No shin splints. A no mess set up. We take the pounds off of you so that you can move easier. Our harness system unloads any amount of weight to get you back to training at your own pace.


Cupping sucks. Literally. This is the only soft tissue technique that uses suction instead of compression. Foam rolling, massage and deep tissue are all compression. Through suction you lift the soft tissue to improve the micro-circulation that lubricates the fascial layers and make you more mobile.


We do more than solely use bright colored tape. We also use different Functional Taping methods to serve you best. From muscle support to joint re-alignment our taping system has been perfected. This is the equivalent of taking skilled hands with you everywhere you go.

Ergonomic Consultations

Is your desk causing you more aches and pains then you want to deal with? Forty hours a week is a LONG time to spend in one position doing the same tasks at work. Thats 2,080 hours a year! Your body can only fight the aches and pains from siting in one position for so long before it gives in. Stop letting your forty hours a week make you feel like you’re ninety years old. We are the only ones around providing such an in-depth ergonomic evaluation. Sign up today!

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